Ninja Woodfire™ Pellets, All-Purpose Blend, 2-lb Bag

Designed exclusively for Ninja Woodfire™ Products, our 100% real hardwood pellets are only used to create authentic woodfire flavor—not for fuel. Robust Blend uses a perfect ratio of Cherry, Maple, and Oak for rich, BBQ smoked, woodfire flavors. Ninja Woodfire™ pellets were expert crafted by Bear Mountain.​
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Compatible with: OG700, OG701, OG701BK, OG751BRN, OG751BKBRN, OG751, OG701A, OG705A,OG701H, OG701HRD, OG701HBL, OG701HGN, OG701Q, OG701QRD, OG36UPG1A, OG36KT1
Product Dimensions3 in L x 6 in W x 9 in H
Weight2 lbs

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