Ninja Thirsti™ Sparkling & Still Flavored Water Maker

Thousands of still and sparkling drinks at the touch of a button.

The drink system that lets you personalize fizz & flavor to create your perfect drink.
20 plus flavors, 0 calories, 0 sugar, across 4 drink lines Splash, Hydrate, Vitamins, and Energy.

Everything else you need to quench your thirst.

Energy Peach Mango, Splash Ripe Raspberry, Vitamins Lemonade, and Hydrate Strawberry Kiwi.

Ninja Thirsti™ Flavored Water Drops

With over 20 unsweetened and sweetened flavors across 4 drink lines, create a drink for any occasion. Save 25% on flavors with subscribe & save.

Three Ninja Thirsti CO2 canisters.

CO2 canisters and Refill Club

Additional canisters are sent with a reusable box and prepaid shipping label so you can save by only paying for the refill on future exchanges.

Black, mint, and blue Ninja Thirsti travel bottles.

Ninja Thirsti™ Travel Bottles

The bottle designed for carbonated drinks. Engineered to keep drinks colder and fizzier for longer.

Save up to thousands of single use bottles or cans a year.

Bye bye plastic bottles. Hello sustainability.

Switching from single-use plastic bottles and cans to the Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System can save up to 1000 single-use bottles and cans per year.* Learn more about our pledge to mitigate waste and protect our planet.

Citrus fruit: lime, orange, grapefruit.

We mastered flavor crafting so you can create a perfect drink every time.

Custom crafting delicious flavors is harder than you think. But thankfully our Flavor Artisans have that covered. Learn more about how they bring our mouth-watering flavors to life.

Four flavor pods with a woman holding a tray full of fruity drinks made with the Ninja Thirsti drink system.