Indoor grills
Have a cookout on your countertop.

Grill steaks, stir fry chicken, and even air fry crispy French fries. Ninja’s lineup of indoor grills does it all, in the comfort of your kitchen.

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Perfectly char-grilled flavors all year-round.

Smart grills

Grilling without the guesswork.

Smokeless grill and griddle

Go from grilling to griddling with interchangeable plates.


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I don’t know how to make a decent steak, but this Ninja Foodi certainly does! Takes the guesswork out of timing, and I get a perfect steak every time.

Ninja® Foodi® Smart XL Grill

“Best compact indoor grill”

This is definitely the best indoor grill and air fryer that I’ve ever had and now
has its own space in my kitchen. Out with the old and in with the Ninja!

Ninja® Foodi® 6-in-1 Indoor Grill

Why choose a Ninja indoor grill?

Frozen to char-grilled

Forgot to defrost dinner? Transform foods from frozen to perfectly char-grilled in as little as 25 minutes for quick and easy weeknight meals.

Easy to clean

Nonstick, ceramic-coated removable grill grate, griddle, and crisper basket are dishwasher safe.

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New subscribers save 10% when you sign up for email