How to get more CO2
Never be without bubbles with our refill club.

Join our refill club to get 30% off on your second purchase and all future refills, plus free shipping straight to your door. Or get a one-time CO2 purchase whenever you need it without joining.

Join our CO2 Refill Club and save 30% on future refills, plus free shipping.

See how it works and never be without bubbles.

Order 2 spare CO2. 1 canister comes with your Thirsti. Order 2 spares so you have 3 total.

Refill empty CO2. Place 2 empty canisters into the provided refill box.

Mail. Stick the shipping label to your refill box and mail via USPS.

Refill club. We'll automatically send you 2 new canisters to your door.

Use. Carbonate up to 60L per canister.

100% renewable CO2 and reusable canister. Carbon dioxide derived from renewable biomass in the USA.