Ninja® Tumbler Straws - 6-pack

Ninja Tumbler Straws™ - 6-pack
Compatible with: BN400, BN400C, BN401, BN401C, CF090A, CF090C, CF090C_CF4, CF090CO, CF091, CF091_CF4, CF091C, CF091C_CF4, CF092, CF092W, CF092W_CF4, CF092W-PHX, CF097, CF097BRN, CF097W, CF110, CF110A, CF110C, CF111, CF111C, CF112, CL401A, CL405CO, HB100, HB150, HB150C, HB152, HB152NP, HB152W, NM152
ColorClear, Tangerine, Mint Green, Fuchsia, Sky Blue
Warranty (years)1
Dishwasher SafeYes

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  • 6 Pack of Assorted Straw Colors

Ninja® Tumbler Straws - 6-pack