Foodi™ XL Grill Roast Rack

Use this rack in your XL Grill to elevate large roasts and veggies to achieve all-around char and caramelization. Dishwasher safe.
Compatible with: BG500A, BG500C, BG550CO, BG550CCO, DG551, DG651, DG651Q, DG651QBK, DG651QCM, FG550, FG551, FG551B1, FG551B1NP, FG551C, FG551H, FG551HBK, FG551HBL, FG551HCO, FG551HEG, FG551HWH, FG551NP, FG551Q, FG551QBLK, FG551QCN, FG551QCO, FG551QWH
Cord Length0 in
Voltage0 volts
Amperage0 amps
Wattage0 watts
Product Dimensions11.38 in L x 7.72 in W x 0.55 in H
Weight0.57 lbs

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Foodi™ XL Grill Roast Rack