Foodi Roasting Sling

The Foodi Roasting Sling makes roasting, steaming and baking even easier. The durable silicone design makes lifting whole chickens and large roast a snap. Insert and remove pots and pans with no hassle. The sling is food grade, BPA-Free silicone and dishwasher safe.
Compatible with: FD400, FD401, FD402, FD402B5NP, FD402NP, OP100, OP101, OP101BRN, OP300, OP300C, OP300W, OP301, OP301C, OP302, OP305, OP305A, OP305CO, OP32BR101, OP32BR102, OP32BR103, OP32BRAD1, OP350CO, OP400W, OP401, OP401BRN, OP402Q, OP402QB, OP402QCN, OP402QN, OP402QW
Dishwasher SafeYes
Weight0.36 lbs

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Foodi Roasting Sling