Descaling Cleaning Solution

The only descaling solution specifically designed for your Ninja Coffee Bar® Brewer. Ninja's specially formulated solution removes naturally occurring calcium buildup and other impurities that could affect the flavor of your coffee and the performance of your brewer.
Compatible with: CE200, CE200C, CE201, CE201C, CE251, CF020, CF021, CF080, CF080A, CF080C, CF080CO, CF080W, CF080Z, CF081, CF082, CF085, CF085C, CF085Q, CF085W, CF085Z, CF086, CF086C, CF087, CF090, CF090A, CF090C, CF090C_CF4, CF090CO, CF091, CF091_CF4, CF091C, CF091C_CF4, CF092, CF092W, CF092W_CF4, CF097, CF097W, CF110, CF110A, CF110C, CF111, CF111C, CF112, CM400, CM400C, CM401, CM401A, CM401C, CM407BRN
ColorClear plastic, Multi-colored label
Warranty (years)1
Product Dimensions1.75 in L x 1.75 in W x 7 in H

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  • Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Descaling Solution

Descaling Cleaning Solution