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With over 20 unsweetened and sweetened flavors (and more on the way), creating thousands of delicious drinks is at the touch of a button.

4 unsweetened and sweetened drink lines. All 0 calories. 0 sugar.

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Splash classic seltzer drink with no added sweetener. Vitamins with B vitamins. Hydrate with electrolytes. Energy with 50mg caffeine.


Unsweetened drinks with a splash of fruit flavor. Keep it classic or mix your own.


Sports drinks with thirst-quenching electrolytes to rehydrate the tasty way.


Drinks with B vitamins that pack a punch of flavor.


Refuel and revive with 50 mg of invigorating caffeine per 12oz classic serving.

Four flavor pods with a woman holding a tray full of fruity drinks made with the Ninja Thirsti drink system.