The art of the flavor
There's an art to hand-crafting mouthwatering flavors.

Flavor Artisans
Crafted by artisans.

Inspired by nature’s finest, our in-house Flavor Artisans leave no peel unpeeled in their dedicated and meticulous pursuit to capture natural, freshly picked flavors in a bottle. And the result? Thousands of delicious drinks for you and your family to enjoy.

How we taste tested
Numbers don’t lie. Neither do your tastebuds.

In 2021, we began working on bringing you the best possible in-home beverage solution. We tried every drink off the shelf and spoke with everyone from seltzer connoisseurs and energy drink guzzlers to sports drink sippers. Then our Flavor Artisans began custom crafting our unique flavored water drops and gathered feedback from quite a few people who tried a lot of drinks.
  • 1,500 employees involved in tasting and evolving flavors
  • 8,000 consumers participated in focus groups and sensory testing
  • Hundreds of Ninja Thirsti Drink Systems were tested in homes resulting in over 20,000 personalized drinks made

How we’re different
So many ways to personalize a single flavor.

Want to know the difference between our flavors and everyone else’s? It’s easy to explain. Nearly impossible to replicate. The flavor of your favorite canned or bottled drink is formulated to pair well with a specific level of carbonation or flat water. But a Ninja Thirsti flavor, like Island Mango for example, is crafted to be just as delicious if you were to create a drink that’s still, lightly carbonated or one that’s bursting with bubbles.

Get everything you need to quench your thirst.

Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System

The one-of-a-kind drink system that lets you personalize and create almost any drink you can think of.

Energy Peach Mango, Splash Ripe Raspberry, Vitamins Lemonade, and Hydrate Strawberry Kiwi.

Ninja Thirsti™ Flavored Water Drops

With over 20 unsweetened and sweetened flavors across 4 drink lines, create a drink for any occasion. Save 25% on flavors with subscribe & save.

Three Ninja Thirsti CO2 canisters.

CO2 canisters and Refill Club

Additional canisters are sent with a reusable box and prepaid shipping label so you can save by only paying for the refill on future exchanges.