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Nutri Ninja® Pro

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BL450, BL450C, BL451, BL454Q, BL455, BL456

Nutri Ninja® Pro
Nutri Ninja® Pro
Nutri Ninja® Pro
How do I clean the machine?
  1. Separate/remove all parts from each other.
  2. Clean the motor base with a damp cloth and wipe dry.
  3. Place jars, lids, and blade assembly on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Note - Use caution when handling the blade assembly, as the blades are very sharp. NOTE: If you do not have a dishwasher, fill the container halfway with water and squirt a bit of dish soap in there. Assemble again and pulse a few times. Your container and blades will now be covered in soapy water and gone through an intense spin cyle. Rinse and let dry before using again.

You may also wash the jars by filling the jar to the Max Fill line with warm water and a drop of dish washing detergent, placing the blade assembly on the jar and pulsing a few times. Do not fill the jar more than the Max Fill line with water because it will overflow. Once clean, remove the jar from the motor base. Rinse the jar, attachment and lid under running water. Allow all the parts to dry before storing.
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At the end of the power cord, there will be a 4-digit number engraved on the outside of one of the metal prongs. This is the date code of your unit, which tells you the date your unit was produced.