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Shark FlexBreeze™ Fan and Ninja 50qt Cooler with Drinkware

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Meet the Ultra-powerful Shark FlexBreeze Outdoor & Indoor Fan with InstaCool Misting attachment. It’s Cordless & corded and transforms from pedestal to tabletop. Incredibly quiet, even at high speed with a 24-hour runtime. Feel the breeze from over 70 feet.


Meet the Ninja FrostVault™ - the cooler with premium ice retention and fridge-temp dry storage. With FrostVault Technology, cold transfers into the Dry Zone to keep food cool, dry and separate at food-safe temperatures (under 40° F) for days.

  • Shark FlexBreeze Fan With InstaCool Mist Attachment
  • Ninja FrostVault™ 50qt Hard Cooler with Dry Zone, Lakeshore Blue

  • * 24-HOUR RUNTIME: Get 24 hours of runtime* from a single battery charge and take the portable fan places you never thought possible. Run out of battery? Just plug it in and keep the power going while recharging. *Based on fan speed 1, No oscillation
  • * CORDED TO CORDLESS FAN: Plug in this ultra-powerful fan for endless power, or for more freedom, go cordless.
  • * OUTDOOR TOUGH, INDOOR SLEEK: Outdoor tough—rain-resistant and durable. Take it to sporting events, cookouts, the park, or the beach, and use it outside with no stress. Indoor sleek—a stylish addition to your home. Enhance your space, indoors or out.
  • * TRANSFORMS TO TABLETOP: Switch from pedestal to tabletop mode in seconds with the press of a button so you can grab it and go—truly take your cool-down anywhere.
  • * INSTACOOL MISTING ATTACHMENT: Enjoy immediate, on-demand cooling mist— easily connects to your hose and rapidly reduces temperatures to feel up to 10 degrees cooler.
  • * BRING THE BOOST: In BreezeBoost™ mode, you can feel the breeze from over 70 feet away—fend off heat outside, or bring amazing air circulation inside.
  • * VARIABLE SPEEDS, OSCILLATION, AND MORE: 5 fan speeds, 180 degrees of side-to-side oscillation, 55-degree up-and-down tilt. Lightweight design at only 13 lbs., with a misting attachment and even a remote that you can store on the fan.
  • * DURABLE: UV resistance and a water-resistant design mean it's safe to use outside, rain or shine.
  • * ULTRA-QUIET: incredibly quiet fan even at the highest speed, perfect for working from home or sleeping.
  • * WHAT’S INCLUDED: FlexBreeze Fan Head, Pedestal Pole, Pedestal Base, Charging Cable, Remote (Lithium-Ion Button Battery Included), Cooling Mist Attachment.

Amperage3 amps
ColorDark Grey
Product Dimensions13.7795 in L x 13.7795 in W x 37.0079 in H
Wattage36 watts
Warranty (years)2 Years
Hazmat Class/Battery Cell TypeUN3481 – Lithium Ion Battery with or in Equipment
Number of Batteries Included1
Voltage110 volts
Weight12.2 lbs

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  • Shark Fan
  • Remote
  • Misting Accessory
  • Charging Cord
  • Ninja FrostVault™ 50qt Hard Cooler with Dry Zone, Lakeshore Blue

How long does the fan take to charge?

To fully charge from 0% to 100%, the fan will take 5 hours to charge and can be charged in either pedestal or tabletop mode. It even works while you charge, so you can keep the breeze going while you wait for full battery! 

How do I use the Misting Attachment?

To install, align the mister with the circle in the center of the fan grill and push it in. Do not use excessive force. Next, screw the end of the misting accessory into the nozzle of a standard garden hose.

Turn on the hose to create mist. Increase or decrease the fan speed to customize your misting experience. The valve can also be used to stop the flow of water. The valve is open when it is parallel with the rest of the accessory.

How long will my fan run when using battery?

Your fan will last 24 hours on low speed with no oscillation. On Fan speed 5 (full blast), it will last 2 hours without oscillation.

How do I clean my fan?

First, activate “lock mode” to ensure the fan will not accidentally turn on during maintenance. To activate “lock-mode,” press and hold the oscillation button on the top of the fan head for 3 seconds. When activated, all lights on the front display will flash twice. 

Remove the fan from the pedestal and place it on a flat, level surface. Using the Phillips head side of the provided Allen key, remove the screw located on the underside of the fan head by turning it counterclockwise. Set screw aside. 

Rotate the fan grille, located on the front, counterclockwise to remove and set aside. Use one hand to secure the fan blades. With the other, locate the fan blade cap. Unscrew the cap in a clockwise motion to remove it, then set aside. Please note that this is the opposite of the typical loosening direction. Carefully remove the fan blades by gently pulling them forward and off the center shaft. Set it aside. 

With a damp microfiber cloth, wipe down all the easily accessible, interior parts of the fan. Once your fan is clean, you are ready to reassemble the fan.

What are the Speeds and Tilt Settings are available on my Fan?

Your Fan has 5 speeds in addition to Boost mode. To select a speed, press the oscillate button on the fan head or the speed arrows on the remote. LED lights will temporarily indicate which speed is selected. Your fan can be manually tilted by using the handle to angle it upward or downwards. The fan has a tilting range of 55 degrees.

Can I leave my Fan outdoors?

FlexBreeze is water and UV resistant and will not be damaged by light rain. However, it can not be submerged in water so it is recommended to bring the fan indoors when not in use for long periods of time.

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