Ninja ® 12-Cup Programmable Brewer

Ninja® Coffee Brewer is a 12-cup programmable coffee maker with Classic & Rich strengths and removable water reservoir.
Includes One (1) Year Limited Warranty
Ninja® Coffee Brewer is a 12-cup programmable coffee maker with custom brew strengths and a hotter brewing advanced boiler to make hot, flavorful, and never-bitter coffee. From a small batch (1–4 cups) to a full carafe, Classic or Rich strengths, you can expect the same great taste. Enjoy ultimate convenience with 24-hr delay brew, an adjustable warming plate, and a removable water reservoir.
• Classic or Rich, each brew is flavorful and never bitter with custom brew strengths.
• Hotter brewing technology: Advanced boiler for a perfectly hot cup of coffee.
• Wake up to hot coffee! 24-hour programmable delay brew allows you to prepare your brew up to a day in advance.
• Keep coffee fresh and flavorful up to 4 hours with the adjustable warming plate.
• Conveniently carry the 60-oz. removable water reservoir to your sink for easy filling.
• Pour yourself a cup before the brew is complete with mid-brew pause.
• Ensure your coffee is never diluted when brewing a small batch (1–4 cups) by using the Small Batch function.
• Gold-tone permanent coffee filter – saves money without the need for paper water filters.
Cord Length2.2 ft
ColorBlack/Stainless Steel
Voltage120 volts
Wattage1100 watts
Amperage9.2 amps
Warranty (years)1
Product Dimensions8.74 in L x 9.94 in W x 14.61 in H
Weight6.48 lbs

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  • 12-cup Glass Carafe
  • Ninja® Integrated Scoop
  • Removable Water Reservoir
  • Permanent Filter

If my unit comes with a permanent coffee filter, do I need to also use a paper filter?
No, a paper filter and the permanent filter should NOT be used together when brewing coffee. Using both the permanent filter and a paper filter may result in clogging or water and/or coffee backing up in the brew basket.
What grind size of coffee and what size paper filter should I use?
A medium grind coffee is recommended. The brew basket is designed to fit a #4 cone paper filter. Note: Some models come with a permanent filter and should not be used with a paper filter.
How do I run a clean cycle?
  • Make sure SMALL BATCH is not selected/illuminated.
  • Set the empty carafe beneath the brew basket.
  • Use a descaling solution specifically formulated for coffeemaker cleaning and follow the directions on the package. Fill the water reservoir up to, but not exceeding, the 12-Cup Line (60 fl. oz.).
    Add 16 oz. of white vinegar to the water reservoir, then fill the rest of the reservoir with water up to, but not exceeding, the 12-Cup Line (60 fl. oz.).
  • Once the water reservoir is filled with your cleaning solution or vinegar mixture, press the CLEAN button. The clean cycle takes approximately 25–35 minutes. To cancel the clean cycle, press the CLEAN button again or press the Power button.
  • The unit will beep when the clean cycle successfully completes. Refill the reservoir with fresh water up to, but not exceeding, the 12-Cup Line, and set the empty carafe beneath the brew basket. Run a full Classic Brew cycle with water only to remove any cleaning solution that could affect the flavor of your coffee.
Can I pause the brewing cycle to pour a cup of coffee?
When you remove the carafe from the unit during a brew, mid-brew pause will automatically pause the flow of coffee from the brew basket into the carafe, allowing you to pour a cup a cup of coffee. Be sure to promptly return the carafe when you are done.
What does the Small Batch setting do?
When brewing 4 cups or fewer, the Small Batch setting delivers a slower brew that keeps the same great taste as a full carafe. To use the Small Batch setting, add the appropriate amount of water to the reservoir and press SMALL BATCH before selecting your desired brew style.

Ninja ® 12-Cup Programmable Brewer