Foodi™ Cookbook for Beginners

The Ninja® Foodi™ Complete Cookbook for Beginners offers you a wide range of delicious, versatile recipes specifically designed for the innovative technology of the Ninja Foodi. Kenzie Swanhart, cookbook author and an insider at the Ninja test kitchen, offers expert guidance and 70+ must-have recipes to get the most out of your Foodi.
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Compatible with: FD400, FD401, FD402, FD402B5NP, FD402NP, OP300, OP300W, OP301, OP302, OP302HAQ, OP302HB, OP302HCN, OP302HW, OP305, OP305A, OP305CO, OP32BR101, OP32BR102, OP32BR103, OP32BRAD1, OP350CO, OP400W, OP401, OP401BRN, OP402Q, OP402QB, OP402QCN, OP402QN, OP402QW

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  • Foodi™ Cookbook For Beginners