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Other Blenders &
Food Processors

Our Total Crushing® Blenders

Our patented stacked blades are designed to crush ice and frozen ingredients in seconds.

Stacked Blades

Our durable design creates maximum contact with tough ingredients like stems and seeds for the best possible results.

Turn Ice to Snow

Every Total Crushing® blender is designed to crush through ice in seconds.


Get resort-style frozen drinks, sippable smoothies, and frozen treats at the touch of a button.

Our Precision Processors

Precision Processing gives you a wide range of outputs—from salsa to dough.

Chopping Blade

A quad blade design delivers everything from fine to rough chops.

Dough Blade

Durable dough blades mimic the kneading motion necessary for making dough that’s not overly processed.


At the touch of a button, create restaurant-style salsas, smooth purees and even dough for pizza, cookies, and more.

Our Auto-Spiralizer

With a suite of durable blades, create fresh fruit and veggie noodles in seconds—the pastabilities are endless.

Our Master Prep® Products

As dependable as your favorite knife, but built around Ninja’s exclusive Power Pod to chop, mince and more at the speed of life.

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At the end of the power cord, there will be a 4-digit number engraved on the outside of one of the metal prongs. This is the date code of your unit, which tells you the date your unit was produced.