Pump oxygen out.
Lock vitamins in.

Experience the FreshVac difference.

Oxygen removal blending versus traditional blending mode.

Vitamin rich

Vitamin rich

Designed to preserve vitamins by pumping oxygen out of the vessel
before blending.

Stays fresh overnight

Stays fresh overnight

Drinks stay fresh and tasty 8 hours after you make them.

Intense textures & flavors

Intense textures & flavors

Brings out vibrant colors, rich tastes, and silky-smooth textures.

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How oxygen affects food.

Oxygen does more damage to fruits and veggies beyond just turning them brown.It can also change the flavor, the texture, and even the level of some vitamins in your blended drinks.

How oxygen affects food.

Use the FreshVac Pump to remove oxygen.



After filling your cup or pitcher with ingredients, set the FreshVac Pump on the pitcher or cup.



Simply push the button on top of the pump to remove oxygen and seal
the vessel.



Remove the pump and secure your vessel onto the base and blend away.

2 ways to use the FreshVac Pump.

FreshVac™ Pitcher

FreshVac Pitcher

Blend big batches of protein drinks, smoothies, soups, and dips.

FreshVac™ Cup

FreshVac Cup

Blend small batches or single-serve extractions, smoothies, soups, dips,
and dressings.

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***Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

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