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The Ninja® Ultra Prep is the ultimate food and drink maker. Driven by three interchangeable blades and a 700-watt power pod, it can easily switch from blender to food processor to dough mixer, and deliver incredible results.
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What you'll get:

  • 700-Watt power pod

    700-Watt power pod

    With 700 watts, this power pod delivers the power you need to create endless recipes in the Ninja® Ultra Prep.

  • 48 oz. jar

    48 oz. jar

    The Ultra Prep jar features an optimized design to prepare all your favorite foods and drinks, simply by interchanging the blades.

  • High-speed blade

    High-speed blade

    Spinning at 15,000 RPM, the high-speed blade for the Ninja® Ultra Prep can liquefy the toughest ingredients to create ultra-smooth purees, extract nutrients, and make dressings.

  • Total Crushing® & power chopping blade

    Total Crushing® & power chopping blade

    The Total Crushing® & power chopping blade for the Ninja® Ultra Prep helps you chop with pinpoint precision and easily turn ice to snow.

  • Dough blade

    Dough blade

    With its distinctive design, the Ultra Prep dough blade mimics the kneading motion that all your favorite baked goods call for.

  • Power pod cleaning brush

    Power pod cleaning brush

    This compact brush for the Ninja® Ultra Prep helps keep the power pod clean.

  • High-speed blade storage case

    High-speed blade storage case

    With its compact design, the blade storage case safely stores your Total Crushing® & power chopping blade, your high-speed blade, and power pod cleaning brush when not in use.

  • Splash guard lid

    Splash guard lid

    The splash guard lid for the Ninja® Ultra Prep holds the power pod and securely seals ingredients to ensure optimal results.

  • 25-recipe inspiration guide
  • Instruction Book
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™
Ninja® Ultra Prep™

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The ultimate food &
drink maker

With three interchangeable blades, a motorized power pod, and a uniquely engineered jar, the Ninja® Ultra Prep is a blender, food processor, and dough mixer that is compact and easy to store.

3 interchangeable blades

Total Crushing® & power chopping

Crush ice into delicious margaritas or chop veggies
into salsa.

Nutrient extraction* and high-speed blending

Break down the toughest ingredients into your favorite dips, dressing, smoothies
and shakes.

*Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Dough & batter mixing

Consistently mix doughs and batters for main dishes
and desserts.


With 700 watts of power in the palm of your hand, you can create endless recipes—all with a pulse of the power pod.

Easy to use

Blending, chopping, or mixing doesn’t get easier than this. Push down on the power pod to pulse, or hold down to continuously run the Ultra Prep.

Compact & easy to store

The Ninja® Ultra Prep is lightweight and compact, taking up less space than traditional kitchen systems, and making it easy to store and use.

Easy to clean

The dishwasher-safe blades, jar, and splash guard lid make cleanup a breeze. Plus, the Ultra Prep comes with a special brush to help keep your power
pod clean.

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