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Ninja Foodi NeverDull Essential 10-Piece Knife Block Set

  • 10-piece set
  • NeverDull Technology
  • Built-in Sharpener
  • 10-year guarantee


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Ninja Foodi NeverDull 10-Year Limited Warranty

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NeverDull Technology

NeverDull Knife Benefits

Superior sharpness*

Superior sharpness*

Easily glide through tough ingredients with a razor-sharp cutting angle. *vs. a leading v-groove in-block sharpener.

German durability

German durability

Forged German stainless-steel blade and full-tang construction are rust-resistant and extremely durable.

Comfortable grip

Comfortable grip

Ergonomic handle is perfectly balanced for comfort and control.

All-in-one system with a built-in, foolproof sharpener

NeverDull™ technology

NeverDull technology

Swipe the lever while a dynamic stone sharpening wheel engages the blade at the perfect angle and applies the optimal pressure to restore your blade.

NeverDull™ sharpening system

NeverDull sharpening system

Consistently returns knives to superior sharpness in seconds*. *vs a leading v-groove in-block sharpener.

Other knives & sharpeners

Other knives & sharpeners

Deliver inconsistent results that could damage the blade*. *vs a leading v-groove in-block sharpener.

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