Strawberry Banana Smoothie

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Makes two 8 oz. Glasses

(10 Reviews)


1 Ripe Banana,
4 OZ. Frozen Strawberries,
6 OZ. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice,
2 OZ. Frozen Strawberry Sherbet (optional)


Add all ingredients into the pitcher and use long pulses until you've reached the desired consistency.

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from Minneola, FL
Jan. 27, 2015

Banana-Strawberry Smoothie

My first smoothie, followed the recipe minus the sherbert and it came out real fast and tasty.
from Elfrida, AZ
Dec. 26, 2014

Best I’ve ever had

This strawberry banana smoothie is fantastic. First homemade smoothie on my new nutri ninja. Perfect flavor for me. Not too sweet because I substituted ice for the sherbet.
Steve Eggleston
from Medina, oh
Dec. 15, 2014

Strawberry/bannana smoothie

Ninja makes great smoothies and I add orange juice or grape juice. Both taste great in this smoothie.
from Bosie, ID
Aug. 9, 2014


I didn’t put in the Sherbert and I had to blend it a little bit longer but besides that it was amazing! My smoothie was compared to Jamba Juice!
Ben Lohrke
from Loveland, OH
Jul. 5, 2014

Made my first smoothies

I just made my first strawberry smoothie and it was delicious
from Columbia, MD
May. 3, 2014


I was reading though these recipes and came across this one. It made me run into the kitchen and give it a shot. It was worth it! Very tasty.
from Elburn, IL
Apr. 27, 2014

Excellent Smoothie!!!

Tastes great, the kids love it.
from Elburn, Illinois
Apr. 24, 2014

excellent smoothie!

you can really taste the strawberries!
from ny, ny
Mar. 30, 2014

pretty good

i love the taste,but its not really filling
from algonquin, illinois
Mar. 15, 2014

best drink ever!

this drink is the best ever


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