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Sweet Spinach Detox

The health benefits of spinach, lemon and ginger are phenomenal! Apple and agave add sweetness, creating a winning combination.

Sweet Beet Clarifier

So much goodness packed into this simple juice!

Super Ninja 9

This kicked-up vegetable juice will satisfy all your nutritional needs!

Super Green Smoothie

Frosty and refreshing!

Sunshine Pick-Me-Up

Start your day off with a burst of energy from this creamy sweet pick-me-up!

Strawberry Melon Energy Blast

You will be feeling cool as a cucumber and sweet as a strawberry with this beverage!

Spicy Pineapple Recharge

Sweet, tangy and spicy, this drink is truly a party in a glass.

Raspberry Mango

A tangy, rich smoothie with bright flavor!

Peanut Butter Protein Pizzazz

Beat the bloated blues with this slimming sipper!

Mental Beet Booster

This unusual combination is a surprise to the senses and a boost to the brain!

Melon Basil Purifier

Summertime in a glass!

Lean Green Ninja

This tropical fruit smoothie will make you forget that it packs a vitamin K punch!

Island Mood Boost

Coconut water and bright, tropical fruits will make you wish you were sitting by the pool!

Autumn Balancer

Beat the bloated blues with this slimming sipper!

Ginger Pear Defense

Fresh ginger combines with sweet pear and melon to make this a great morning recipe.

Cool Honeydew Cleanser

A luscious and creamy youth-booster that enhances your skin, eyes and hair health!

Citrus Ginger Super Juice

Sweet grapefruit, spicy ginger and creamy mango create a tasty super juice!

Chillout Chai Smoothie

Chai, a sweet blend of tea and spices, is available in the health food section of most grocery stores. Here it finds balance with ...

Calm-ond Milk

Knowing exactly what you put into the Pitcher means you know exactly what you are putting into your body. Priceless!

Bright Side Banana Mocha Shake

This frozen treat is guilt-free!

Berry Healthy Smoothie

Kids will never see the greens hidden in this yummy drink.

Autumn Latte Lifter

Maple and pumpkin bring visions of autumn leaves blowing in the breeze.

Apple Almond Power Smoothie

Kick-start your system with the powerful vitamins and minerals found in this smoothie.

Antioxidant Refresher

You won’t taste the cabbage in this refreshing antioxidant-rich smoothie.

3-2-1 Immune Boost

A delightful way to build your good health!
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