Ninja® SeariousTM Slow Cooker

Model #: MC501

SEAR and SLOW COOK all in the same appliance!

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SEARiousTM Programmable Slow Cooking
The Ninja® SEARious® Slow Cooker allows you to Sear, then slow cook all in one appliance! Searing locks in flavor for more delicious meals! Finish off sauces after slow cooking delicious meats - and do this all in the same pot!

Built-In Stovetop
Use the built-in stovetop to sear meats then slow cook, locking in the flavor. You can also use the stovetop function for re-heating meals!


  • Cooking times may vary based on the selected temperature, the current temperature of the cooking pot and the temperature of the ingredients.

  • Always use nonstick utensils in the cooking pot. Metal utensils may damage the non-stick coating.
  • For even browning, make sure that the food is in an even layer on the bottom of the cooking pot.

  • Cooking time and temperature can be adjusted at any time during the cooking cycle in Slow Cook. Press the Adjustment Buttons “+” or “-” to adjust.

  • Multiple modes may be required to cook recipes. To change modes during cooking cycles, simply turn the Function Dial to select the new desired mode. Once the new mode is selected, begin the programming process.

  • If the cooking pot is removed during the cooking cycle and then placed back into the unit, the cooking process will continue as though it was not interrupted.

Parts & Accessories

Cooking Pot



Glass Lid




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