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Ninja® Mega Kitchen System®

Model #: BL771

A complete system to inspire & simplify healthy living for your active, on-the-go lifestyle. The 1500 watt/2HP motor combines the functions of many kitchen appliances into one for OPTIMAL performance... a true asset to any kitchen.

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The Ninja® Mega Kitchen System® is a complete system to inspire healthy living for the entire family. The Ninja® Mega Kitchen System® provides professional performance and power with a 72oz. blender pitcher, 8 cup food processor and 2 16oz. Nutri Ninja® Cups! This professional kitchen system comes packed with 1500 watts/2 HP to handle all of your drink and meal making needs.

The XL 72oz. blender pitcher features Total Crushing® Technology to crush through ice and frozen fruit. Create creamy frozen drinks and smoothies for the whole family! Two 16oz. Nutri Ninja® Cups are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient-rich drinks for on-the-go.

With the 8 cup food processing bowl, chop fresh ingredients perfectly or mix up to 2 pounds of dough in 30 seconds. All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

  • 1500 Watt/2 Horsepower Professional Kitchen System
  • XL 72oz. Total Crushing® Blender crushes ice and frozen fruit in seconds
  • 8 Cup Food Processor Bowl with Feed Chute Lid – make 2 lbs. of dough in 30 seconds!
  • Reversible Slicing/Shredding Disc & Grating Disc for perfect, even results
  • 2 16oz. Nutri Ninja® Cups for nutrient-rich drinks on-the-go


  • When using the blender pitcher, make sure to insert the Total Crushing® Blades before adding ingredients to the blender
  • Prepping your ingredients smaller will allow you to fit more into the pitcher and Nutri Ninja® Cups
  • Do not use your blender, food processor or Nutri Ninja® cups to blend hot liquids
  • If food is sticking to the side of the pitcher, shut the unit off and use a rubber spatula to push the food down toward the blades
  • When pouring from pitcher use the pour spout – if the lid is removed make sure to remove the blades before pouring because the blades are loose and will fall out
  • Jars, lids, and blades are all dishwasher safe – for best results clean immediately after use
  • If the blender is not turning on, check the alignment of the pitcher and make sure the lid is aligned and locked
  • If your smoothie is too thick, add juice, milk, or water to help thin it out
  • For best chopping performance, use quick, controlled Pulses
  • For juices and smoothies, Pulse first and then turn the blender to Speed 3 once the mixture is started
  • When mixing batters and dips, use Speed 1 to reach the desired consistency and not over process
  • The Nutri Ninja® cups can only be used with the Single Serve button
  • If using protein powder in your Nutri Ninja® shakes, make sure the protein powder is the last ingredient added so that it is fully blended
  • Use the Nutri Ninja® cups for personal smoothies and fruit juices, salad dressings, dips and sauces
  • When using the dough blade, always use Speed 1 for optimal performance
  • For best handling of the discs, use the finger holes
  • The smaller hole on the two part pusher is great for thinner items such as carrots
  • When using the chopping blade, use the Pulse function to avoid over-processing your food

Parts and Accessories

16 oz. Nutri Ninja® Cup



Chopping Blade



Dough Blade



Nutri Ninja® Blade Assembly



Nutri Ninja® To-Go Lid



Make it Fresh, Make it Delicious Recipe Book



2 Nutri Ninja® Cups with To-Go Lids



64 oz. Bowl



72 oz. Pitcher



Stacked Total Crushing® Blades



Ninja® Mini Prep Bowl Kit



64 oz. Lid



72 oz. Pitcher Lid



Motor Base



The Blended Drink Handbook for Ninja® Mega Kitchen System®



Ninja® Mega Kitchen System® Recipe Book




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Why does the power light always blink?

My blender turns on, but why doesn't the blade rotate?

Why won't my Kitchen System crush ice?

Food is unevenly chopped:

Cannot achieve snow from ice:

Food is chopped too fine or is too watery:

Why does the lid fit so tight?


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from Green Bay, WI
Jun. 10, 2015

Smoothie Extraordinaire

Fantastic juicer that instantly turns ice and large pieces of fruit and vegetable to juice. Love it.


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