Ninja UltimaTM Kitchen System

Model #: BL820

A true asset to any kitchen. Get beyond professional results with the Ninja UltimaTM blender's power and specially engineered speeds.

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Parts & Accessories

16 oz. Nutri Ninja® Cup



Pitcher Lid Assembly



Nutri Ninja® Blade Assembly



Nutri Ninja® Sip & SealTM Lid



BL820 Motor Base



72 oz. Pitcher



Removable Quad Blade



8 Cup Food Processor Bowl



Feed Chute Lid



Drizzle Hole Lid



Dough Blade



Chopping Blade



Slicer Disc



Grating Disc



Two Part Food Pusher



Disc Adaptor




What is Dual Stage Blending?

What is Total Crushing® technology?

What is high speed cyclonic technology?

How does the Ninja UltimaTM blender differ from a traditional blender?

How do I care for my Ninja UltimaTM blender?

How do I clean my Ninja UltimaTM blender?

Are there microwave safe parts?

What is the container made of?

Are the blades rust proof?

What kind of blades does the Ninja UltimaTM blender have?

What is the benefit of the electronic slow start?

How long is the cord?

Where can I purchase parts for my Ninja UltimaTM blender?

What is the warranty on the Ninja UltimaTM blender?

Are the attachments interchangeable?

What is the max liquid capacity of the pitcher?

What is the capacity of the Nutri Ninja® cup?

Where can I find more recipes to create in my Ninja UltimaTM blender?

Will my blender run with the top blades removed?

When do I use only the bottom blades?

Why is the blender so loud?

What is Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction*?

Can I just throw in any whole fruits and vegetables?

Can the Ninja UltimaTM blender handle frozen ingredients such as ice, frozen fruits & vegetables?

What if my blender will not turn on?

Can the Ninja UltimaTM blender make Ice Cream?

Can I make hot soup in the Ninja UltimaTM blender?

What are the different speed settings used for?

Why does my blender shut off after thirty seconds when using the Nutri NinjaTM cup?

What are the Nutri Ninja® cups used for?

Can the Nutri Ninja® cups crush ice to snow?

Do the Nutri Ninja® cups fit in car cup holders?

How do I close the pour spout on the 72 oz. pitcher?

Why is the Ninja UltimaTM blender base intermittently switching from solid to blinking lights when using my 72oz Jar or Nutri NinjaTM cups?

Why does the power light always blink?

My blender turns on, but why doesn’t the blade rotate?

How do I get in contact with Ninja® if I have any questions?

How does the Ninja UltimaTM Food Processor differ from a traditional food processor?

How much wattage does the Ninja UltimaTM Kitchen System have?

What is the capacity of the food processor bowl?

What is the Dough/Discs setting on speed dial for?

Why are there two lids for the food processor bowl?

My food processor is assembled correctly with the disc attachment and feed shoot lid, but the power light is still blinking.



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