Inspiration Guide (BL480)

Nutri Ninja® Assembly & Use

Step 1

Add ingredients to the Nutri Ninja® cup, place the blade onto the cup and screw it on tightly.

Step 2

Flip the cup upside down, place the cup onto the base by aligning the tabs and twist clockwise until you hear a “click”.

Step 3

Select a program or setting to blend. Auto-iQ™ BLEND and Auto-iQ™ ULTRA BLEND have unique blend, pulse, and pause patterns that automatically stop once the countdown timer reaches 0. Start|Stop and Pulse are manual settings.

Step 4

When finished, wait until the motor is completely stopped then turn the cup counterclockwise.

Step 5

Pull the cup straight up to remove it from the base. Invert the cup and remove the blade assembly. Replace it with the Sip & Seal™ to-go lid.


Nutri Ninja® 101

When filling your Nutri Ninja® cups, we recommend that you start with adding your fresh fruits or vegetables first.

If you’re using powders, seeds, nuts, or other dry ingredients, put them in next. Afterwards, pour in any juice, water, or other liquids as desired. Finally, add frozen items or ice.

Remember to securely tighten the Pro Extractor Blades® and do not overfill the cups. Once the Pro Extractor Blades® have been securely assembled to the cup, flip the cup over in order to attach to the base, as shown under the Assembly Tab.


Auto-iQ™ Programs

Use Auto-iQ™ Programs

  • blend

    Fresh nutrient juices, smoothies

  • ultra-blend

    Green smoothies, frozen drinks, frozen desserts, ice

  • pulse

    Breaking up tough ingredients or for chopping!

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Ninja Smoothie Blender

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