Dual Stage

What is Dual Stage Blending?

Only the Ninja Ultima blender has Dual Stage Blending Technology! The Ninja® Total Crushing® Blades CRUSH whole fruits, vegetables & ice while the High Speed Cyclonic blades BLEND ingredients into a smooth, no grit consistency in the matter of seconds! These blades work together to power through the toughest ingredients and provide smooth results.


Total Crushing® Blades

  • Powers through the toughest ingredients like ice, frozen fruits and nuts into smooth consistency with no chunks.
  • Extract hidden nutrition by blending whole fruits and veggies, including portions that are usually discarded.


High Speed Cyclonic Blades

  • Liquifies and purees fruits & vegetables into smooth and creamy consistency with no grit
  • Create restaurant quality sauces and dressings
  • Create creamy delicious soups & sides in seconds

Use both blades for frozen blending. The top blade can be removed so that you have the versatility to make dips and sauces with just the bottom blade! Click below for more recipe tips & tricks!

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