• To snap the pour spout shut, lift up gently on the solid black inner piece and push down on the front of the pour spout to lock. You will hear the pour spout snap shut.
  • For certain recipes it is recommended that only the Bottom Fixed Blades are used. The blender will still run with the Top Blades removed.
  • For tough ingredients like ice, solid fruits and vegetables, attach the Top Blades for additional blending power.
  • For softer ingredients and best puree results, make sure the Top Blades are removed and use only the Bottom Fixed Blades for blending.
  • For best chopping performance, use quick, controlled Pulses
  • The blender can be used with or without the top blades inserted - for softer ingredients and best puree results it is recommended to only use the bottom fixed blades
  • For tough ingredients such as ice, solid fruits and vegetables attach the top blades for additional blending power
  • If using the top blades, make sure to insert before adding ingredients to the blender
  • When producing heavy or hard loads, use Pulse to get the mixture started
  • Prepping your ingredients smaller will allow you to fit more into the pitcher
  • Do not use your blender to blend hot liquids
  • When grinding meat use Pulse and do not over process
  • For juices and smoothies, Pulse first and then turn the blender to High once the mixture is started
  • When mixing batters and dips, use the low or medium speed setting to reach the desired consistency and not over process
  • For splatter free blending begin on low and slowly increase to high
  • If food is sticking to the side of the pitcher, shut the unit off and use a rubber spatula to push the food down toward the blades
  • When pouring from pitcher use the pour spout - if the lid is removed make sure to remove the top blade before pouring because the blades are loose and will fall out
  • For best results clean immediately after use
  • If the blender is not turning on, check the alignment of the pitcher and make sure the lid is aligned and locked
  • To easily remove the pitcher lid, open the pour spout to release the pressure within the blender
  • If your smoothie is too thick, add juice, milk, or water to help thin it out
  • When using the chopping blade, use the Pulse function to avoid over-processing your food
  • The Nutri Ninja® cup can only be used when the speed dial is on the Single Serve setting
  • The Nutri Ninja® cup can be used on Pulse or continuous blend - after one minute of continuous blending the Nutri Ninja® will automatically shut off. If additional blending is needed, turn on continuous and let run for another minute
  • If using protein powder in your Nutri Ninja® shakes, make sure the protein powder is the last ingredient added so that it is fully blended
  • For optimal frozen smoothie performance, use no more than six ice cubes in your Nutri Ninja® cup
  • Use the Nutri Ninja® cups for personal smoothies and fruit juices, salad dressings, dips and sauces
  • When using the dough blade or discs, always set the variable speed dial to the dough/discs setting for optimal performance
  • For best handling of the discs, use the finger holes
  • When using the dough blade or chopping blade, make sure to attach the drizzle hole lid
  • The feed chute lid should be used when the discs are inserted into the bowl
  • If using the feed chute lid, make sure to use the two part pusher to move food through the chute
  • The smaller hole on the two part pusher is great for thinner items such as carrots
  • If making dough, add the dry ingredients into the bowl before adding the wet ingredients
  • The slicer/shredder disc is reversible - make sure the disc is inserted with the correct side up depending on the function you wish to perform

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