Power to the kitchen.

Ready to up your kitchen game? At Ninja®, we strive to make powerful, versatile products that inspire
you to do more every day than you ever thought possible. With the right ingredients and a little
Ninjanuity, you might even surprise yourself.

Coffee as you know it is
about to change.

Introducing the Ninja Coffee Bar. Dial up flavor richness to enjoy
your favorite coffee – any size, any style, any time – all in the
comfort of your home.

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Prepare to kick butt
— and kick back.

Enjoy the best of all worlds with our incredibly versatile
new additions to the family. Introducing Nutri Ninja® Pro
Complete and Nutri Ninja® Compact System, both with
Auto-iQ and Smooth Boost Technology.

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We never forget
our first crush.

Our Total Crushing® Blenders are the original “ice into snow”
professional blenders we’ve all come to know and love.

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Finish what you started.

Sometimes all it takes is the right accessory
to complete the job.


Replacement Parts.

Time for a replacement part? You’ve come to the right place.

Master Prep®
Food Processors.

Quick and easy pulsing technology
for all of your prepping needs.



Nutritious and flavorful meals made
possible by Ninja®.


From our kitchen to yours.

Wait until you see what our culinary experts have cooked up.

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